The Rolling Resistance – Action Consensus – July 2017

This action consensus was agreed at a Reclaim the Power national gathering in Leeds on April 2017 and has been the basis for our actions since.

In July 2017 and beyond, Reclaim the Power will take action against the Preston New Road anti fracking site. We will do this working with, and in support of, local anti-fracking groups and other networks across the UK, through a combination of affinity group actions and larger events.

We respect that movements are diverse and we choose to adopt different tactics in different circumstances. This action agreement has been drawn up to set out our aspirations for these actions this summer:

Safety will be a top priority at all times, affinity groups and other participants must ensure they are taking action safely.

We understand that workers in the companies we are campaigning against rely on their jobs to provide for themselves and their families. We will approach them with dignity and respect.

Access to the fracking site is on Preston New Road which is a critical ambulance route. Anyone blocking the route should have a process in place to allow fire engines or ambulances to pass, should the need arrise.

We advise everyone taking action to have the Rolling Resistance Legal Briefing before taking part because the situation is constantly changing. These can be arranged individually and will also be held at the Info Hub every day at 6pm.

We intend our actions to be in solidarity with people on the front line of fracking and climate change. As an activist group in the Global North, we collectively acknowledge our privilege. We are on an ongoing journey of understanding what this means, and of reflecting on what we do with that understanding.

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