Action Consensus

The Break the Chain fortnight of action aims to disrupt and expose the network of companies propping up fracking in the UK. The fracking industry cannot survive without its supply chain – by pressuring companies to pull out, we can hit them where it hurts.

This tactic is not new; actions at supply chain companies have already had success, with at least 5 firms pulling their contracts. We want Break the Chain to build on these wins, and the tireless work of frontline campaigners, expanding the fight against fracking across the country.

We respect that movements are diverse and we choose to adopt different tactics in different circumstances. This action agreement has been drawn up to explain what you can expect to happen as part of the Break the Chain fortnight:

  • We are targeting the companies in the fracking supply chain because they are propping up this industry. We call on these companies to break their ties to fracking;

  • We understand that workers in these companies rely on their jobs to provide for themselves and their families. We will approach them with dignity and respect, and we will not escalate to violence;

  • Safety will be a top priority at all times, affinity groups must ensure they are taking action safely;

  • The Reclaim the Power network will continue to support each other after actions have taken place;

  • We intend our actions to be in solidarity with people already on the frontline of fracking and climate change.