Consensus Decision Making

Reclaim the Power aims to be a horizontal organisation. What this means, in simple terms, is that we don’t have any leaders or managers.  Instead, it is open to everyone to join in and contribute. Responsibility for decisions, and making them happen, is completely shared by participants.

Consensus Decision Making
Reclaim the Power uses consensus decision making in all its gatherings, working group meetings, and events. Consensus decision making seeks to find solutions that everyone is happy with (or at least can live). It is an alternative to majority voting that privileges the view of the majority.

Consensus is not a new concept. On the American continent non-hierarchical societies have existed for hundreds of years. The business meetings of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) use a form of consensus decision making. Finally, political and social activists have made use of consensus decision making in recent years; the Camp for Climate Action Camps across the globe and Occupy being just two examples.

If you haven’t used consensus decision-making before, don’t panic! We fully explain how it works at every gathering, and offer additional support (like a buddy) should you wish for it.
You can read Seeds for Change’s guide to consensus decision making here.