Working Groups

Join a Working Group

Much of Reclaim the Power’s work takes place in smaller working groups, which we have listed below. Our working groups are open to all to join, regardless of pre-existing skills – as part of the role of working groups is to train and skill new people. The best way to join a working group is to come along to a gathering where working groups are given time to meet. However, you can also email them to find out more.

Infrastructure Group

It sounds like the most boring, but is in fact the most important, and the largest job. Responsible for delivering a safe, sustainable, accessible, and beautiful site for Reclaim the Power’s summer camp. This is a massive job including, but not limited to, toilet facilities; plumbing; marquees; recycling; renewable energy; kitchens; and transport. Get involved!

Gatherings and Facilitation Group

The Gatherings and Facilitation Group are responsible for the organising national gatherings, including drafting agendas and minutes. They aim to constantly improve these events so that they’re inspirational and inclusive to all participants – at the same time as keeping them realistic and directional. We try to experiment with new methods of facilitating discussion and decision-making. The group also takes responsibility for continually training and rotating facilitators.

This group has responsibility for Reclaim the Power’s internal communications and democratic participation at Reclaim the Power events.

Anti-oppression and Movement Building Group

Reclaim the Power has committed itself to anti-oppression work. This working group exists to address the ways in which Reclaim the Power’s activities currently exclude people, seeking to propose actions we can take to address these issues. It also exists to to make Reclaim the Power more effective at movement building.

Participation and Outreach Group

This group aims to increase participation in Reclaim the Power events and actions through a range of outreach and solidarity activities. They seek to increase the diversity of Reclaim the Power events through linking up with a wide range of groups and communities. They also have responsibility for producing Reclaim the Power’s publicity materials.  This group also manages this website and Reclaim the Power’s social media platforms Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Media Group

Responsible for pushing Reclaim the Power’s key messages through the mainstream and alternative press, and also for training a diverse range of voices to speak with the press as individuals or on behalf of the network.


Oversees the finances of Reclaim the Power’s activities.