Another week of the Rolling Resistance, another week of bold, creative actions against the fracking industry at Preston New Road. This week has demonstrated the incredible diversity of the movement: farmers to feminists, cyclists to songwriters. The resistance to the fossil fuel industry is broad and strong, not just in Lancashire, but across the UK and beyond.

Oh and another thing: a Cuadrilla security guard and Sky News reporter, both found themselves in arm tubes (?!) With one week left, I think we’re winning…

Cyclists in Manchester at start of bike ride against fracking

Monday 17 July: Red lines are not for crossing

Every action builds on resistance that has come before – when we act we remember and draw strength from past successes. On Monday, protectors were out in the red suits worn in the international climate justice mobilisation in Paris in 2015. With red they drew lines that are not for crossing if we are to inhabit a safe and just planet.

Tuesday 18 July: Dirty gas is a bridge to nowhere, here and around the world

The struggle against dirty gas unfortunately isn’t confined to the UK. On Tuesday, activists showed solidarity with the Italian community of Melegdugno, which is resisting a gas pipeline in Southern Italy, with a die-in and lock-on. From Lancashire to Puglia, communities across the globe are causing serious headaches for the fossil fuel industry. Read Jake’s account in his own words on OpenDemocracy.

Lock-on in solidarity with the community of Melendugno in Puglia facing the construction of the 3500km Euro-Caspian Mega Pipeline
Wednesday 19 July: Leeds women lock on for climate and water

Wednesday saw five women hop off the bus and into lock-ons to protect our water and climate. Waste water from the Cuadrilla site is due to be treated at Knostrop in Leeds, while globally 300 000 lives are lost a year as a result of climate change. Huge respect to those ladies for a powerful action.

Leeds Water Action 10_WEBWednesday also saw a first for the resistance to fracking. A Cuadrilla security guard found himself in an arm tube. We’re not sure if it was more feminism or climate change that motivated him to take direct action, but happy to have security finally getting involved in the right sort of way, after weeks of violence and antagonism. Check out the video for an exclusive interview.

Campaigners take bus to block Cuadrilla’s fracking site

So why DID the security guard lock-on with us this morning? Up close and personal interviews with the man himself in today’s jam-packed action video.

Please share this video and inspire others to take action against Fracking

Check out the powerful action (and high-speed public transport entrance) of these five Yorkshire women today to blockade Cuadrilla’s fracking site on Preston New Road in Lancashire.

Taking action against an irresponsible industry to protect our water and climate. Massive respect. #RollingResistance #WeSaidNo

Posted by Reclaim The Power on Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Thursday 20 July: Tour de Lancashire, and solidarity from across the UK

All month protectors have been putting their bodies in harm’s way for the local community and for environmental justice. On Thursday it wasn’t just bodies but bikes, as forty cyclists took part in the Tour de Lancashire. The fifty-mile stage ran from Manchester to Preston New Road, linking up anti-fracking groups from the north-west all joining to express their rejection of Cuadrilla’s plans.

Rolling Resistance Ride from Manchester to Blackpool

Inspiring stuff! A fantastic video of the Tour de Lancashire on Thursday where 40 cyclists rode from Manchester to Preston New Road to join the #rollingresistance.

There were punctures, a broken pedal, and 50 miles of cycling to contend with, but nothing was going to stop these determined cyclists from joining the frontline resistance.

Manchester resident Jules Dawson, who took part in the mass ride, said: “I’m joining the ride to stand with the people of Lancashire in saying no to fracking and yes to investment in cleaner, safer, cheaper renewable alternatives.”

Whether you cycle, get the train, join a ride share, or hitchhike, everyone is welcome join the resistance.

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And as news broke of Cuadrilla’s desperate attempts to buy locals support by advertising in their children’s schools, it’s clear their crude PR campaign isn’t winning hearts and minds. As one cyclist put it: “It isn’t simply the radical left or the youth but ordinary folk like me who’ve spent a life working who feel just as strongly about something that’s so incredibly stupid.”

Meanwhile back at the site, rain couldn’t dampen the enthusiasm of eight protectors who’d travelled down from other areas threatened by fracking in Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and South Yorkshire, blocking access. Their message? “Not here not anywhere”.

Rain soaked activists blockade Preston New Road

BOOM! Even the rain can’t dampen the #RollingResistance

This morning 8 protectors from South Yorkshire, Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire blockaded Preston New Road fracking site to protest against plans to extract unconventional gas in Lancashire.

“We don’t want it to happen here and we don’t want it to happen where we live either”.

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Friday 21 July: Kale not Shale Mass Demonstration

Friday saw a celebration of what Lancashire is really about: community, entertainment and delicious produce.

Farmers host communal meal against fracking at Preston New Road
People serving food farmers day at Preston New Road fracking site
Once again we showed that the power is with the people: the sheer numbers down at the gates saw work suspended for the day.

Mass Demo: Food not Fracking

Friday saw another brilliant action at the Preston New Road with hundreds from around the UK coming down to enjoy delicious food and live music at the gates of Cuadrilla’s site.

Yet again Cuadrilla were forced to stop work because of our sheer numbers – when we come together, we can defeat the frackers!

There’s still one week left of the Rolling Resistance, get involved:

Video report of Friday by Dissent Is Beautiful. Music by Pete The Temp.

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Every day we resist is another day that Cuadrilla loses money and it becomes less likely we’ll have fracking in the UK. Don’t take our word for it, the industry has admitted itself that they’re struggling.

So take the advice of one protector as she was bundled into the police van: “We need everyone down here so that we can stop it every day. If you can get down here please do”.

You’ve got a week left to join the Rolling Resistance. If the Carnival for a Frack Free Future, the finale of a month of creative resistance and a chance to be on the right side of history can’t tempt you, what will?