Paris Mobilisations


The Climate Games

They started in Amsterdam and they are coming to COP21! The Climate Games will be the world’s largest non-violent civil disobedience direct action adventure game in the streets of Paris, in cyberspace and beyond.


Between the 3oth November and the 12th December, teams (or affinity groups) “compete” to take action in the best way possible against the designated targets, be it by occupying a coal power station, storming the HQ of of a dirty business company or by putting on an anti-coal cabaret in the streets. You decide with who, and you decide how.

Points are allocated depending on the criteria of the game, which could be Creativity, Effectiveness, Solidarity with other teams and so on. The rules have yet to be decided. But beware, there are two teams that are to be avoided: Blue Team (police and security) and Brown Team (lobbyists). An app is being developed to take this game online. You will be able to upload photos, give tips on where the police are, show your positioning and how far you’ve got, or feel a vibration on your device when you get too close to the authorities.

This mass participation, direct action framework provides space for a diversity of tactics. In a decentralised manner but with a common goal, all can get involved and be a piece of this much bigger movement. Climate injustice is a dead serious problem, so we will play by our own rules to stop it!

Find out more about this year’s Climate Games in Amsterdam:

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