Rolling Resistance Publicity Materials

Reclaim the Power has no paid staff.  We’re built entirely on volunteers and everyone is invited to be crew.  So feel free to help us with the promo!

Click on the Images below to download and print publcity materials to distribute in your area.

General Rolling Resistance Flyers and Posters

frackcone with tower copy - smaller
Download High Resolution Frackcone Rolling Resistance Flyers-Poster.Jpeg. (891kb)
Rolling waves for riso2colour - smaller
Download Blue Wave Rolling Resistance Image. Jpeg. (2mb)

backflier Fridays copy - Rolling Resistance - smaller
Download above image “Back of flier” (A5 or A6). Jpeg (2mb)

Green Jobs, Renewables and Divest / Invest demo – Friday 14th July 2017
Green_jobs_demo_flyer front_v2_WEB
Download high-res A5 or A6 flyer front (above image). Jpeg. (2.4mb)
Download high-res A5 or A6 flyer back. Jpeg. (3mb)

The Rolling Resistance Bike Ride – Thursday 20th May
A3 poster - Rolling Resistance Ride
Download High Res Bike Ride poster. Jpeg (5mb)

Download Rolling Resistance Bike Ride A5 Flyers for printing on A4. (back and front). Jpeg. (4mb)
A5 flyer - Rolling Resistance Ride
Food Growers Against Fracking – Friday 21st July

Foodgrowers against fracking flyerDownload Above Image Foodgrowers Against Fracking flyer. Jpeg (2mb)


Above: Shareable Image for Food Growers Against Fracking Demo on Friday 21st July