Transport / Accommodation

Transport to Paris for the UN climate talks

1) By Coach

Eiffel-Tower2 coaches -1080x675Reclaim the Power with People & Planet are organising affordable coach travel for a longer travel period, between London and Paris, for those who are able to and want to get involved for longer than just the weekend. This will give the opportunity to prepare actions for the COP21 mobilisation.

Departure dates:

  • Coach 1: London – Paris 5th December (£20).
    • Departure: Elephant & Castle Tube, London Road, SE1 6LW @ 10am
    • Arrival: Metro République @ 8pm local time.
  • Coach 2: Manchester (via Birmingham)- Paris 5th December (£30)
    • Departure: Meeting point on Chorlton Street itself directly next to (not inside) Manchester coach station @ 9.30am
    • Departure: in the car park directly outside Birmingham International Airport train station as you come down the escalator @ 11.30am
  • Coach 3 Humphrey: London – Paris 7th December (£43 return)
    • Departure: 11am
    • Arrival: 8.30pm local time.

    This coach is not being organised by RtP, please contact Humphrey directly for a ticket

  • Coach 4: London – Paris 9th December (£20) SOLD OUT.
    • Departure: Elephant Road, Next To The Elephant And Castle Overground Station, SE17 1LB @ 12.30pm
    • Arrival: Metro République @ 11pm local time.

Return dates:

  • Coach 5 Humphrey: London – Paris 13th December (£43 return)
    • Departure: 11am
    • Arrival: 8.30pm local time.

    This coach is not being organised by RtP, please contact Humphrey directly for a ticket

  • Coach 6: Paris – London 13th December (£20). SOLD OUT
    • Departure: Metro République @ 10.30am
    • Arrival: London
  • Coach 7: Paris – Manchester (via Birmingham) 14th December (£30)
    • Departure: Rue Curial outside the CENTQUATRE-Paris (ZAC) @ 9.30am. Please note , this an earlier departure that originally scheduled.
  • Coach 8: Paris – London 14th December.
    • Departure: Metro République @ 10.30am
    • Arrival: London

Book your coach tickets here:

2) Cycle to COP21

It’s time to act! Time to cycle….to Paris COP-21

Over 5 days, 150 of us will cycle from London to Paris showing a cleaner, more fun and communal alternative to our car culture. By joining this ride, we will be empowering ourselves to take on bigger challenges in life and finding our team mates to do it with. Through communal meals, group activities, story telling, games, and a lot of cycling we will be discovering our inner and outer strengths together. The aim is to build a stronger community to create positive change in Paris and way beyond.


The Climate Games will be one element and way to take part in the mass day of mobilisation on the 12th December. The cycle ride will therefore provide training and space along the way for you to arrive prepared for your time in Paris.

Whether you are an experienced cyclist or a novice, on an electric bike or a tandem, young or old, there is a place for everyone.

    • 6th December: Departure from London (Feed-in rides coming from other parts of the UK)
    • 13th December: Return by train


    Costs have been kept to a minimal and include boat crossing, return train, most meals, bike mechanics, events & accommodation. The total comes up to £250. We encourage participants to raise funds – get sponsored – to cover their tickets.

    Find out more through the Time to Cycle website:


    3) By Train

    eurostar-imageTake the option of the train for a shorter period of time and be in Paris during the mass mobilisation day on the 12th December. Eurostar departs London on Friday 11th  December.  Returns on Sunday 13th December

    Organised by Global Justice Now and Friends of the Earth.

    Book Eurostar tickets here:


    There are three types of accommodation that are being made available during the negotiations in Paris.

    • Hostels – the comfortable way, but relatively more pricey. You need to organise this yourself and make sure to book as soon as possible as they are being filled up fast.
    • Communal floor space – The Climate Coalition 21 is working on providing this for free (or very cheap), which will be in gymnasiums and the like. However, the French government has stopped being so cooperative all of a sudden so the CC21 is currently struggling to access as many spaces as they had once been promised.
    • Autonomous spaces – Reclaim the Power is working on securing free sleeping space for those involved in the network and grassroots activities. If you want a place, please fill in this Doodle so we know the amount of spaces needed and we will do our best. . Make sure to bring a sleeping mat and a good sleeping bag.