Action consensus for Mass Action on Saturday 1st October

Stay Grounded luggage label flyer(The following Action Consensus was agreed by consensus at Reclaim the Power’s national gathering in June 2016.)

On Saturday 1st October 2016, Reclaim the Power is hosting a mass day of action (including a flashmob and critical mass bike ride) principally at Heathrow Airport.

The invitation to join is open to anyone who can envision a cleaner, fairer future beyond fossil fuels, and who wants to take action to stop the expansion of airports across the UK and around the world.

Hundreds of us will demonstrate our opposition to airport expansion and, through our presence at the airport, will disrupt ‘business as usual’ for the aviation industry. Our aim is to show the strength of public opposition, locally and globally, for an end to airport expansion in the UK and beyond.

This action agreement has been drawn up to set safe parameters for this mass action, and outline our collective intentions and responsibilities for the day. It has has been created in a spirit of respect for local community campaigners (in the UK and further afield) who we are supporting, and acting in solidarity with.

We respect that movements are diverse and we all choose to adopt different tactics in different circumstances. However, we ask that all affinity groups abide by this action consensus however they choose to participate in this event.

  • Through our actions we will visually and creatively represent the damage caused by the polluting aviation industry, and the minority of affluent frequent flyers who are driving the so-called ‘need’ for aviation expansion. Our imagery will also highlight the hundreds of thousands all over the world who are already suffering from the effects climate change, caused by polluting industries, including aviation.
  • Everyone participating in this day of action is united in our key demands: Not only to halt the expansion of the aviation industry in the UK and elsewhere, but to invest in sustainable transport infrastructure (eg railways) so that we can phase-out short-haul flights (which are particularly uneccessary), and transition to a just economy which respects our planet and all its inhabitants, now and in the future. We are also demanding that climate change is brought to the forefront of any discussions around aviation expansion, and that aviation is included in all targets and agreements for tackling climate change.
  • Safety will be a top priority. We will, at all times, make sure our actions do not compromise air traffic safety or the safety of passengers, staff, ourselves or any body else in and around the airport. To this end, no actions on this day will involve trespassing ‘airside’ (i.e. on runways). People under the influence of drugs or alcohol will not be welcome to participate. We take common responsibility for the wellbeing of everyone participating in this day of action.
  • We will behave in a calm and cool-headed way, we will not escalate the situation to violence and we will not hassle passengers, or damage machinery.
  • We understand that the airport workers rely on their jobs to provide for themselves and their families, and we will treat them with dignity and respect at all times. Our issue is with the companies and government policy not with the airport workers.
  • Everyone is welcome regardless of whether they have experience of protests or not. The direct action will comprise at least two family friendly blocks: a bike block and a flashmob. We ask that every one who takes part helps ensure this action will be safe, effective, and peaceful. We take common responsibility for the success of this action, and for supporting each other.
  • We intend our action to be in solidarity with people already on the front line of climate change. Climate change knows no borders. From floods to droughts and hurricanes to the melting polar ice, extreme weather is already wrecking environments, homes and more than 300,000 lives each year, all over the world.