Airport Flashmob & Critical Mass

Will you join our
Airport Flashmob and Critical Mass bike ride

@ HEATHROW AIRPORT on Saturday 1st October?

Over 600 people have pledged to join us in telling the Govt & aviation industry to #StayGrounded

We need to #StopAirportExpansion and that means #NoNewRunways anywhere!


After years of delay, the controversial announcement of a new runway at Gatwick or Heathrow is expected on 18th October 2016. It comes just months after the green light was given to expansion at City Airport, and makes a mockery of our own legally binding commitments for action on climate change. Clearly, more planes means more catastrophic climate change. It’s time to fight back.

On Saturday 1st October at 12 noon, hundreds of us will turn up to take a stand against the social injustice of unnecessary airport expansion, in the fight for a safe and liveable future for all.


New runways have been defeated by people power before, and they can be defeated again. With politicians divided, local communities furious and desperate PR campaigns for different airports trying to sway the debate – now is the time to act.

On Saturday 1st October, we will stand shoulder to shoulder with our brothers and sisters around the world in a global wave of resistance against airport expansion. As the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) holds its 39th Assembly, in Montreal, to push for bogus ‘carbon offsetting’ proposals as a way to legitmise continued growth in aviation emissions, we are putting climate change on the agenda.

What: A beautiful and defiant flashmob bloc and a Critical Mass bike bloc, simultaneously bringing a clear message to the doorstep of the aviation industry
Check the up-to-date plan for each bloc

When: Saturday 1st October 2016 – both blocs meeting at 12 noon

Where: Heathrow Airport
Flashmob meeting 12-1pm @ Hatton Cross tube station
Bike ride meeting 12pm @ Grow Heathrow

Pledge to join, save the date, and get ready!

This will be a fun, colourful and safe event that everyone is invited to participate in. An action consensus has been agreed to set the safe parameters of this day of action. The health and safety of airport staff, passengers and ourselves are of paramount importance, and just in case you’re unsure we will not be going on to any runways!

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The Heathrow 13 celebrate at the end of their trial in February

Will you join us if hundreds of others pledge to come? Great! Here’s what you can do next…

1) Add your email address to the pledge platform, so that we can let you know more info as it’s revealed. Over 600 have already signed up, and the more that come along, the more powerful our message will be.

2) Join the Facebook event, and share it with all your friends.

3) Get yourself along to one of the info-sharing / legal briefing / action training workshop events, to ensure you are fully prepared to participate.

4) Think about what you’re going to bring and wear (read the Plan for ideas).

5) If you need a place to crash in London the night before, send an email to

6) Come to the after-party @ Grow Heathrow

Click here for more detailed reasons why we’re targeting aviation at this time, here for more info on the creative themes for the action, here for trainings and workshops between now and October, and here to find out what else is going on in what will be a global wave of action.


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