Reclaim the Power Camp 2024 Info Pack

Reclaim the Power is back with a protest camp for Climate Justice from 8-13th August. We’re a decade old direct action network that works in solidarity with front-line communities to make interventions for a fairer world. (We helped sort out Fracking and ran Europe’s first climate & migrant justice camp).


Join us for 5 days of workshops, communal living and organising for a day of action. There will be a kids space, wheelchair adaptions and attendance is by pay as you feel.

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Key Info

Date: 8-13th August

The camp will start from the morning of Thursday 8th August to Tuesday 13th August.

The first and last day will be reserved for setting up camp and taking it down. From the 9th to 12th August there will be the programmed activities.

Location: travel to leeds

The camp will be located in Yorkshire, with the nearest station for national travellers being Leeds. The camp should be around an hour further travelling away.

An exact pin of where the camp is will be announced publicly and to everyone who has signed up to the camp, on our social media, in any internal group chats and to our wider email list.

The site will be a squatted site, likely with grass, so we cannot announce the location until it has been occupied. There will be a full legal guide about what risk is involved in this.


There is an accessibility working group, as well as logistics. The logistics crew are planning kit to make access a priority, and a full list of what to expext will be added here.


Legal Risk

We will have a full legal briefing before the camp. Watch this space (and sign up for updates).

Why Target Drax?

Drax is a wood biomass power station located near Selby, in Yorkshire. It is a former coal-power station that converted to biomass, and now entirely burns wood biomass. Drax is the UKs single largest carbon emitter and world’s biggest tree burner. Their actions have been repeatedly linked to fueling environmental racism and causing huge amounts of harm to communitiesforests and biodiversity.

This is a very expensive project, and we are paying for it. Our bills subsidise Drax by nearly £2 million a day, while they made over £1 billion in profits in 2023. Drax admits they rely on subsidies to survive, and is currently trying to get them renewed, so this is a crucial time act.

Drax is neither sustainable or renewable. It burns more trees than any other power station in the world, and is the UK’s largest single source of carbon emissions. Drax and the government claim that these emissions ‘don’t count’ because the trees are grown in other countries, and because one day far in the future another tree will store that carbon. But it’s common sense that they do count, right here and right now – they are contributing to catastrophic climate breakdown today. We need a real plan for reducing emissions, not a fantasy based on false accounting.

On top of that, Drax is toxic and dangerous. Drax power station is one of the highest emitters of particulate pollution in Europe, which causes lung disease and other respiratory problems, and it has been accused of endangering the health of their workers. The production of wood pellets in North America creates dangerous dust and pollution, which is destroying the health of people in marginalised communities and is a devastating injustice.

What’s on?

We have a packed program of workshops, entertainment, games, a kids space, and hopefully lots of actions! The full program will be released 3 weeks before the camp, and a few announcements will be made before then. Make sure you are signed up for updates to stay in the loop!
Reclaim the Power is a do-it-yourself space, which means everyone who turns up is expected to pitch in (according to their ability). Every morning there will be a meeting where anyone can pick up key work to keep the camp running.


Cars and vans

The exact location of the camp will be annouced on the morning, and the expected region is Yorkshire.
You will not be able to park on site, so please expect to have to carry your stuff in bags from outside the site. When we have more information this page will be updated, but for now we don’t know how long that walk will be.

Public transport

Ideally, people should arrive to camp via public transport.
The nearest train station to book your tickets to will be annouced weeks before the leadup to the camp.


If there is enough intersted we can organise coaches from cities across the UK. Please fill in this form.

Kids Space

There will be a dedicated kids space open between 9:00 and 5:30 every day of the camp (excluding setup and packdown), where children can be left while parents attend the programme etc. This will have a programme of kids activities (most likely two per day, one aimed at older kids and one aimed at younger kids) as well as having some toys, games, art materials, etc that are available all the time.

Support the Camp

Donate to the crowdfunder

Please chip in to make sure this happens, just £5 could cover food for one person for a day.

Sign here to show support

Sign on behalf of yourself or your organisation to support the camp. You would be supporting:

  1. We demand an end to bill payer subsidies to burning trees for energy
  2. A worker led transition to a green economy
  3. Reparations for the communities harmed by Drax’s operations.

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