Shut Aberthaw: Green jobs now! Public demonstration – Saturday 28 January 2017

Public Demonstration to close Aberthaw Coal Power Station
Saturday 28th January 2017

Video: BBC News – 28th Januray 2017

Photos from the day here.

Aberthaw power station is killing us. Air pollution from the plant is responsible for an estimated 400 deaths per year.  At the same time, the power station is fed by opencast coal mines in South Wales such as Ffos-y-Fran which impacts on local communities living next door.  At a global level, carbon emissions from the coal burned at Aberthaw power station are pushing us towards climate catastrophe.

Over 150 people from Reclaim the Power, United Valleys Action Group, Bristol Rising Tide, Coal Action Network and other networks gathered for a public demonstration demanding the prompt closure of Aberthaw Coal power station and in support of renewable energy in South Wales.

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Green jobs now!

We don’t need dirty, inefficient power stations to provide our energy needs.  Onshore wind in Wales could create up to 2000 jobs whilst upgrading the energy efficiency of homes in Wales would create 6,300 direct jobs and slash our heating bills and reduce overall demand for power generation. At the same time, offshore tidal lagoon projects, such as those being considered at Swansea Bay, could also diversify our energy supply using underwater turbines. 

Local air pollution

Aberthaw is one of Europe’s top 30 dirtiest and most toxic power stations. Particulate matter and nitrogen oxides are contributing to respiratory illnesses  for people living in Cardiff, Newport, Swansea, Barry, Bristol, Poole, Gloucester, Cheltenham, Bournemouth and Swindon.  Having recently been found in breach of European pollution limits, Aberthaw’s owners and investors are now at a critical decision making point.

Aberthaw’s owners RWE are not doing enough to address the issues. Their proposals will only reduce nitrogen oxide emissions by 30%, meaning 270 people a year will still be killed by air pollution from this dinosaur power plant.

Aberthaw is also a major threat to the planet: coal emits more greenhouse gases than any other major source of power generation and simply put, stopping runaway climate change means ending coal. The UK Government is currently consulting on closing “unabated” coal fired power station by 2025, but their current proposals would  leave get outs and compromises for big polluters.  Join us just before the coal consultation finishes to say no more deaths, no more coal, yes to clean air and yes to clean energy?

Read more about Aberthaw on the Coal Action Network website.

Read more about the health impacts in this report by Friends of the Earth Cymru.

Plan for the day

This family-friendly demonstration will gather from 1pm at the car park at Limpert’s Bay where we will hear from trade union speakers, community renewable energy groups, air pollution campaigners and climate justice organisers from South Wales and beyond There will be live music and hot soup to keep us warm.

We’ll then have a short march around the perimeter of the power station on public footpaths before heading to a nearby pub where we’ll have tea and sandwiches.  In the pub, there’ll be an opportunity to meet and talk with local campaigners in South Wales.  We will also have a presentation of the ‘The True Cost of Coal’  intricate and beautiful poster art from the United States.

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