Leeds National Gathering

Reclaim the Power have their next gathering from 20th to 22nd April 2024.

The exact location of the gathering will be emailed to you a week before.

We are focusing on Drax, with a planned mass action camp on 8th-13th August 2024. The gathering will focus on decisions in the run-up to the camp and is for both new people who have never come to anything in RtP as well as those who have been here for years. In short, all are welcome.

Who are Reclaim the Power?

Reclaim the Power is a UK based direct action network fighting for social, environmental and economic justice. We aim to build a broad based movement, working in solidarity with frontline communities to effectively confront environmentally destructive industries and the social and economic forces driving climate change.

What is Drax?

Drax is a wood biomass power station located near Selby, in Yorkshire. It is a former coal-power station that converted to biomass, and now entirely burns wood biomass. Drax is the UKs single largest carbon emitter and world’s biggest tree burner. Their actions have been repeatedly linked to driving environmental racism and causing huge amounts of harm to communitiesforests and biodiversity.

What is a gathering?

We organise two-day national gatherings to make collective decisions.  These are held at different towns and cities across the country. We use them to make important decisions, but they also serve as spaces for learning, developing skills and getting to know people.

All our gatherings provide crash space, childcare, and cheap and vegan food. All our meeting venues are wheelchair accessible.

We try to make our gatherings as inclusive as possible for newcomers, including the use of a friendly “buddy” system, so don’t worry if you’ve never been to anything like this before!

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