[Info Talk] Reclaim the Power Climate Camp Against Drax

Want to hear about the re-energised Reclaim the Power network, and the exciting plans for summer of 2024? How do we build power in a time of crisis? What role do climate camps play in the climate movement? What is Drax, and why is it driving environmental racism & greenwashing? Come to the talk to find out.

Reclaim the Power (RtP) are a UK-based direct action network fighting for social, environmental and economic justice. Active since 2013, RtP have helped with successful campaigns against coal, gas and fracking as well as organising the first migrant justice and climate justice protest camp in 2019. We’ve organised protest camps, blockades and occupations of fossil fuel infrastructure and their supply chain services.

RtP practice anti-hierarchical organising methods, building power within our collective rather than over each other.

RtP are mobilising for a camp around Drax, the biggest emitter in the UK, world’s biggest tree burner and driver of environmental racism. We will shining an unmissable spotlight on an often hidden injustice with an actions focused camp from 8th to 13th August.

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