Reclaim the Power’s internal communication structures

We have a few internal communication tools that we use to organise online, outside of local group meetings and national gatherings. Here’s a quick explanation.



Reclaim the Power uses a web platform called Basecamp for its internal communications. To access it you can visit or download the Basecamp 2 app if you have an Android or iPhone. You’ll need to have been invited by someone who already has access – click the email link an you’ll be asked to create a password.

There are several ‘projects’ on this platform for Reclaim the Power’s different working groups (correct as of 23rd October 2017):

  • RtP:General: has everyone involved with Reclaim the Power on it, nationally
  • Communcations and Story-telling: press releases, social media, website.
  • Internal Coordination: deals with sorting out national gatherings, agendas, facilitation, minutes.
  • Anti-Oppression and Movement Building: an antidote to privileges, breaking down any hierarchies that form by patient listening and empowering through sharing of skills and knowledge
  • Fracking, Gas & Coal
  • Aviation: supporting communites fighting airport expansion, particularly around Heathrow villages threatened by a 3rd runway
  • General Movement Building: ambitious outreach to bring lots of new people and help them feel welcome and empowered
  • Logistics: help out with everything from building/take down action camps, running kitchens, moving banners and action props etc
  • Programme: line up activities, workshops, entertainment, performers etc for action camps and blockades
  • Yorkshire, Notts & Derbyshire: hear about local action and meet-ups
  • London: hear about local action and meet-ups
  • Bristol & South Wales: also get on Bristol Rising Tide’s mailing list to make sure you don’t miss out:

If you want to be added to a particular working group just post a message on the General basecamp project requesting to be added.

It is sensible to think twice before inviting someone to Reclaim the Power’s Basecamp, but we also want to empower as many people as possible to get involved. As such Basecamp is not a secure forum and people are not carefully vetted before they join. Please use common sense, there are some details around precisely where/when/how direct action happens which won’t be discussed there.

Please remember that Reclaim the Power is whoever is supporting or taking action – there are no pros here – everyone is crew. We’re all volunteering our free time and have many other hats on as well, often including full-time work, study, other voluntary work and family care responsibilities. If you notice that important details have been missed out or would like to see more activity in certain areas please think twice about how you communicate this and consider whether you have capacity to help make it happen yourself.


Adjusting how many emails you receive on Basecamp

Once you’ve logged in and been added to the ‘RTP: General’ project there is a guide to using Basecamp here. You might want to limit how many emails you and other people will receive from Basecamp.

To stop getting emails about every single post login to Basecamp and click the ‘Me’ button at the top and then ‘Your Basecamp Settings’ to change your notification preferences. (You’ll need to do this by logging in on a desktop or laptop because the option doesn’t show up in the smartphone app.)
When posting a comment, before you click ‘Add this comment’  please check and edit the list of people people who will receive your comment by email.



This summarises major activity going with Reclaim the Power such as the dates of upcoming events, actions and campaigns. It goes out every 5 – 6 weeks approximately.  You can signup to receive the newsletter on the website.

Social Media

The Reclaim the Power Facebook page and Twitter often has more frequent updates than the newsletter and links to other campaigns and action groups.