The North and Western Lancashire Chamber of Commerce today released a letter attacking Reclaim the Power and groups opposing fracking.

This letter is yet another attempt by pro-fracking groups to falsely attack people who oppose them, and to distract from the fact that the industry doesn’t have public backing.

Reclaim the Power’s action guidelines clearly state that we will approach workers with respect and that we prioritise safety.  We understand that workers in these companies rely on their jobs to provide for themselves and their families, but these firms do not need to take contracts with destructive fracking companies to do so.

We are concentrating on these companies – be they providing equipment, financial backing, or working to clean up fracking’s image – because they are propping up the industry. We are calling on them to break their ties, and stand up for communities that will be devastated by Cuadrilla and their friends.

Fracking is not an ‘exciting new industry’ for Lancashire and the UK, it is an unnecessary and dangerous threat to local communities and landscapes, and the global climate. We will continue to stand with communities resisting fracking every step of the way by building on their wins, and expanding the fight against fracking across the country.

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