Reclaim the Power Gathering

Zu Studios - Lewes

Location: Zu Studios (left picture)
7 Phoenix Place
Phoenix Industrial Estate
East Sussex
BN7 2QJ 

Facebook event  page here.

Times: Saturday: 12 noon – 5pm

Sunday: 10am – 5pm


After some very exciting progress at the Oxford gathering early in February, the next stage to Reclaim the Power’s planning is upon us.

Last time we met, we formally agreed Reclaim the Power as a network that will take direct action against environmental, social and economic injustice – and actively self-educate about issues relating to oppression, privilege and diversity.

And we agreed to hold a flagship summer event between the provisional dates of Tuesday 12th – Tuesday 19th August (no other details have been decided).

It’s fantastic to feel like a plan of action is coming together – but there’s still lots to be decided about the form and focus that the summer event (and other activities) will have.

So, bring your creativity and ideas to Lewes on the 22nd and 23rd of March for two days of radical event planning and workshops.

Crash space will be provided at a separate venue.  All welcome!

***News Flash***

On Monday 24th March Caroline Lucas (MP for Brighton) and four activists from Reclaim the Power are to stand trial for their participation in the Balcombe Blockade.

If you can extend your stay on the South Coast to attend in solidarity, please do.  Just get in touch with info@nodashforgas if you have any questions.

Power to the People banner

Summary Agenda


12 noon: Introduction and update (45minutes)

Gathering housekeeping

Introduce the gatherings group, How gatherings work, Consensus process, Jargon busting.

Safer Spaces

Update from last gathering

Political orientation

1pm: Where do we want to be (45minutes)

AIM: To decide where we want to be in the next twelve months.

Participants split into groups (at random) and brainstorm the following questions:

  • What impact do we want to have on corporate power?
  • What impact do we want to have on energy and climate change?
  • How do we want to have furthered our work on anti-oppression and movement building?
  • How do we want to have furthered our work promoting positive solutions?

NB: This is where we want to be – not precisely what we want to do.

—– 1.45pm: Lunch  ——

2.30pm: Mind-mapping summer event possibilities (45 minutes)

Participants split into a five groups. What will the format of our summer event be?  What will the focus of our summer event be?

3.30pm: Workshop: Face-to-Face Solidarity

4.30pm: What does movement building mean to you?

4.35pm: Introducing ‘Format and Focus’ of the Summer Event

Facilitators invite people to prepare proposals to share with the group after the break for the summer event. These proposals should contain the following:

What the summer event is (format and focus)

How it relates to the strategic aims (agreed earlier)

Why is it right for Reclaim the Power (refer to ‘What we are’ decision from last gathering).

Rough estimate of resources: people, skills, money, stuff.

5pm: Format. Focus of Summer Event.

Aim: To agree the format and focus for our summer event

Facilitators take proposals that have emerged from the break.

7pm: Close. Social.



10am: Introduction and update

10.15am: Work and Working Groups for the Summer Event

Aim: To identify the work and corresponding working groups required to make the summer event a success

11am: What else? 

Aim: To identify what work we would like to do outside of summer event organising.

11.30am: Capacity checking and building

Aim: To identify capacity for different working and identify the skill-sharing required.

—- 12.30pm: Lunch —-

1.30pm: Working Group forming

Aim: To form working groups and to form aims and remits for working groups.

3.30pm: Working Group remits

Aim: To agree working group aims and remits

4pm: Working Group proposals

Aim: To agree any uncontroversial proposals from working groups and identify discussions required at the next gathering

4.15pm: Evaluation

Aim: To feedback to the gatherings group about the successes and areas for improvement of the gathering