IMG_1868 23rd September 2013
Two activists have so far been arrested in today’s action which started at 11am, blockading the main road and stopping access to Cuadrilla’s fracking site in Balcombe.

The blockade, which consists of a white van parked diagonally across the B2036 has put a stop to trucks gaining access to or leaving the site. A female activist remains locked on to the top of the van. The two arrested activists were holding a banner saying ‘Not Here, Not Anywhere’, responding to Cuadrilla’s plans to continue fracking in Lancashire while waiting for a new application to be passed at the site in Balcombe. This is no more of an issue in Balcombe as it is for the rest of the country with plans to continue searching for further potential shale gas deposits nationwide.

Today’s action is part of the 28 day rolling blockade to show ongoing support for the locals in Balcombe and to keep the pressure on Cuadrilla until their permit to explore for shale oil in Balcombe expires on the 28th September 2013.

Cuadrilla has withdrawn it’s application to extend the time in which it can drill for oil in Balcombe. Instead, they have decided to reassess their programme and make a new application which they hope will be supported by the local community in Balcombe.