Occupy Democracy

This Saturday will see thousands of workers taking to the streets of London to demand a pay rise at the TUC march and rally.  It will also be the beginning of an occupation of Parliament Square by Occupy Democracy.

Reclaim the Power are in full solidarity with workers demanding a pay rise. Wages for most have stagnated since the financial crisis yet the number of billionaires in the UK has dramatically increased. We managed to bail out the banks, the people who created this economic crisis but at the expense of the people who had nothing to do with this crisis.

However when it comes to tackling runaway climate change, suddenly the government has no money.

A crack down on tax avoidance could collect enough money to help fund the proper insulation of homes, invest in more community owned renewable energy projects and start the transition to 1 million climate jobs. We can make the transition to a fossil free future while lowering energy bills, creating more jobs and creating a more equal society.  But we must demand this from the government.

We did not vote for austerity, NHS privatisation, the tripling of tuition fee, the bedroom tax or fracking.  Yet the government is forcing these policies upon us.

We need to fight for social, economic and environmental justice. That is why we are joining Occupy Democracy  in Parliament Square, at 5 o’clock on Saturday, for a week of workshops and discussion on social, economic and environmental justice.

Come and join us and DEMAND REAL DEMOCRACY NOW!