Break the Chain: Stop Fracking

A fortnight of action against the fracking supply chain.

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From 27th March to 10th April 2017, Reclaim the Power affinity groups and friends took action to disrupt and expose the network of companies propping up fracking in the UK in the Break the Chain fortnight of action.

The fracking industry isn’t just drill sites, it’s everywhere across the UK – but so is our movement, and we’re ready to fight. We will take out the links in the fracking supply chain one by one, before uniting this summer to take on what’s left of the industry.

Why target the supply chain?

Fracking companies don’t exist in isolation. For the industry to survive there are certain things it needs. It needs access to our land, our water, and our sand. It needs its drills, diggers and lorries. It needs money, spin-doctors and politicians in its pockets. By taking out the links in the chain we can break the whole industry into pieces.

Companies are also already starting to pull out because of public opposition to fracking. So far at least four companies have pulled their contracts with fracking companies after public pressure and action – Armstrong Aggregates, Moore’s Readymix Concrete, Cemex and CRH Plant Hire.

Fracking hasn’t even happened yet, why take action now?

2017 is going to be a big year in the fight against fracking. This summer we will resist the fracking companies when they try to get their drills in the ground, but with the movement bigger than ever we’re not going to wait – we’re taking action now to stop it before it starts. We won’t let the frackers move their lorries, equipment and materials into communities where they’re not welcome.

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How to get involved

The best way to get involved in Reclaim the Power’s fracking activities is to go along to a local meeting. You can find out about our next meetings by following our events on Facebook, Events page or by emailing   If you’re in a new group and thinking of doing an action as part of Break the Chain – check out this short note here.

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Take action

Want to take action? Here are some useful resources to help you get started: