6:30am – Three people from Christian Climate Action are locked into arm tubes with a poster saying ‘No jobs on a dead planet’.

Phil, 80, is locked on, blocking the mine . He got involved as a grandfather with four grandchildren who is very concerned about the world they’re going to inherit unless we keep fossil fuels in the ground.

6:50am – Six more people are locked on, blocking one of the roads. On the lower road they’re lying across road with arm tubes – that’s the main road into the mine for machinery.

7:30am – The main blocs set off in all directions into the mine.

8:10am – Bloc A reach the lip of the mine.

8:40am – It’s confirmed – mining operations have been halted!

8:55am – Bloc A climb aboard some digging machinery.

9:00am – Bloc D are in place, blockading the entrance to the Miller Argent company depot.

12:30pm – Some 250 people join together to form a red line deep in the heart of the mine. What legends! With 250 in this blockade that makes

2.25pm – People deep in the pit of the mine repurpose a coal digger into impromptu rain cover and a mobile disco.. The transition is happening!

2:30pm – Bloc D arrive back at the camp victorious after successfully blockading the Miller Argent depot.

3.30pm – About 100 people arrive back to the camp from their mass action in the mine.

4.00pm – Legal update: police spotted entering the mine – stay tuned for more updates.