igas215 Campaigners from Balcombe, Barton Moss and across the country have blockaded both entrances to the iGas headquarters, 7 Down Street, Westminster, London, W1J 7AJ. Police have arrived at the site alongside security, but look unlikely to act soon.

Monday August 18th 2014.

On site campaigner Sarah said ‘The atmosphere here is really positive with the action is looking to carry on throughout the day.’ Campaigners are holding a large banner saying ‘Reclaim the Power’ at the front entrance to the iGas building.

IGas were responsible for exploratory drilling at Barton Moss. The drilling saw over 6 months of local protests.

Local Barton Moss protestor Rachel Wood said, ‘We were protecting the landscape with a series of protests and a protection camp. We delivered a wind turbine blade to the entrance of the site to remind local and national government that fracking is not an inevitable part of our energy future – there are alternatives.’

The protest is part of a series of actions including an occupation at DEFRA, and the shutting down of the Bay Campus at Swansea University. For more information – visit http://www.nodashforgas.org.uk/home/updates/