RTP work weekend

Let’s get busy! We’ve got a camp to organise!

Start: Saturday 9th May 2015 at 12 noon
Finish: Sunday 10th May at 4.30pm
Location: Grow Heathrow, Vineries Close, Sipson, West London, UB7 0JH

If you are a creative person, an organiser, a doer, a thinker, whether you have had experience on putting on camps, festivals, workshops, outdoor events, or you are a total novice and would like to learn how we piece it all together, come and get stuck into the Working Weekend, taking place on 9/10th May.

Site layout & logistics, workshop programme, security, media, food, well-being, legal, publicity, etc have been put into action since our decision to hold our Direct Action Camp in Didcot, and over scrumptious food and great company, we will ensure we are on track and map out what still needs to be done.

This weekend will be held at Grow Heathrow, Sipson, West London, UB7 0JH http://www.transitionheathrow.com/ (near West Drayton station) Grow Heathrow is a community hub and site of resistance – it’s a piece of land that has been squatted for years now to resist the expansion of Heathrow airport.

Please bring your camping stuff (tent, roll mat, sleeping bag, torch) if you’re staying at the site. At the very least you should bring a warm sleeping bag. There is some accommodation onsite but not enough for everyone that will attend.   The site is accessible for wheelchair users and by the time of the working weekend there will be wheelchair accessible toilets. You can email us in advance if you want to discuss any access needs or childcare/creche requirements. We will try to accommodate you to make this weekend as inclusive as possible.

We will be asking for a donation of £5-10 per day to cover the cost of meals and use of Grow Heathrow’s facilities, as well as to create a travel pool for people that need to be subsidised to participate. Please make whatever contribution you can, but don’t be put off if you can’t make any contribution.

If you have any queries, or would like to get involved but unable to attend the weekend, please do email us at info[at]nodashforgas[dot]org[dot]uk

Facebook event here: http://www.facebook.com/events/1650649265154973/

SCHEDULE for the Working Weekend.

There will be an opportunity to get involved with Reclaim the Power’s working groups who are are putting together the camp.

11.45am – Arrive

12noon Welcome + Introductions

12.30am – Feedback on recent conversations with local community in Didcot

12.45am Teach In: Why Didcot?

1. Old coal needs to stay buried
2. A new dash for gas must be stopped
3. The old energy order won’t go quietly

4. Renewables are surging
5. Energy efficiency and social justice
6. Divestment
7. Community resistance and direct action works

13.15 Shout outs
Barnet library outreach event on 27th May.
Media training over working weekend
Any other skill shares which are happening over working weekend?

13.25: Feedback from the following Working Groups:
– Infrastructure
– Participation
– Programmes
– Community Outreach
– Media
– Kids
– Transport
– Food
– Medics
– Legal
– Decor
– Entertainment
– Tat down
– Welcome
– Security

1.45pm Lunch


Get involved with working group activities such as:

– Media training workshops from the camp media team.
– Banner making
– Social media strategy.
– Site design and decoration.
– Also cool infrastructure stuff like building compost loos.
– Organising entertainment at the camp

3.30 Tea break.


4.45 Tea break


Messaging: Calling for the Closure of Didcot B in our messaging.

7.30 pm Dinner

After 9pm: Evening Entertainment


9am Breakfast.

10am Start – Group session
Feedback from each working group on progress / outstanding tasks / capacity gaps.

11am Working group time

12am tea break

12.15 Working group time

1pm Lunch-

2pm- 3pm

Decisions to be made arising from working group time.


Working group time including:
Media training workshops from the camp media team.
Banner making
Social media strategy.
Site design and decoration.
Also cool infrastructure stuff like building compost loos.