Fossil fuel dinosaur outside Shell HQ - Time to Act 2015

Reclaim the Power National Gathering // Leeds

Start: Saturday 21 March –  12pm

Finish: Sunday 22 March – 3pm

Location: Leeds – Wharf Chambers, Ground Floor, 23 – 25 Wharf Street, LS2 7EQ
Crash Space Available. Kids Space available.

Facebook event here.

Hot on the heels of 20,000 climate demonstration in London and 500 strong march on Shell’s headquarters, the Reclaim the Power network will be gathering to make decisions about the where to focus our collective energy this Spring.

We will also be discussing our approach to the COP21 climate talks in Paris.

We will be hearing feedback from  working groups looking at the following issues:


  • Anti-fracking mobilisation in Lancashire
  • COP21 climate talks in Paris
  • Exploring working with Earth First and Frack Off on their summer camp
  • Campaigning on social and economic issues outside of fracking and the dash for gas

Come to meet old friends and make new ones from around the country.
Open to everyone – newcomers welcome.



11.30 – Arrivals

12pm start. WELCOME

Explanation of the weekend, run through agenda / explanation of consensus decision-making in plain English. (10mins)

What is Reclaim the Power? (5mins)

Safer spaces policy / buddy system (10mins)
Icebreaker game (5mins)

12.30pm – Recap on what was decided at the last national gathering – (10mins)

12.40pm – Feedback about Lancashire anti-fracking working group (15 mins)

12.55pm – Update from fracking situation in Wales and Sussex (15 mins)

1.10pm – Coal – how is it back on the agenda? e.g – Drax experiment with Carbon Capture and Storage + biofuels

1.20pm – Feedback from Group collaborating with UK Uncut (10 minutes)

1.30pm – LUNCH

Explanations of how the proposals have come into existence (5mins)

– LANCASHIRE proposal from spokes meeting (20 mins)

Proposal: “Given the uncertainty, and the nature of the situation regarding Cuadrilla’s planning application to frack in Lancs, Reclaim the Power decides to follow the lead of Frack Free Lancashire and that that mobilisation will occur regionally. This would involve organising coaches for the decision, and Northern Gas Gala style phone alert sign ups and coaches for the start of construction should it occur.”

Different proposals for the May event
1) That we go to Carrington power station near Manchester.

2) That we go to Didcot power station in Oxfordshire.

3) Information from Frack Free Ryedale group.

4) Planning for a site that might go live (e.g in Wales)

5) A skills training camp that encourages people to do actions over a long-weekend, at a site without a specific political focus.

6) Other proposals that people propose.

*** From the above proposals, making a decision on what we’ll do in May. ****

Feedback from the spokes about what regions think about this first so the regions have a clear stance. 3minutes each (25mins)

– For groups set up in response to the decision made in the previous session.
– Regional groups should take on working group areas.

7pm Dinner

Evening social space.

(Sleep space provided.)


10am – Recap of previous day’s decisions

10.15am – United Nations Climate Talks (COP21) discussion
Introduce the issues, feedback from the most recent European meeting (20mins)

Find out what Europe networks are saying. Do we agree with this and / or do we have our own narrative of how we relate to the COP21 process?

Feedback from the Spokes system about what regions think about this.

11.40am – Earth First Collaboration this summer
Working group feedback from the Earth First winter moot

11.30 – Feedback on plans for the Basque and German camps this summer

11.40 Discussion about spokes process, how we move closer to the spokes system.

1pm Lunch

1.30pm – Anti Oppression session

?2.00pm – Working Group time

2.45 Recap what we have decided and then close the gathering

Please email if you require any additional assistance to attend this gathering, or there is information that you can give the organisers which will make it easier for you to attend.  This includes (but not limited to): issues around access, sleeping arrangements, childcare, or diet.