For immediate release: 17 May


In response to the government’s statement on proposed changes to the planning system relating to fracking, Ash Hewitson from Reclaim the Power made the following comment:

“Today the Government announced a shameless power grab from local communities on behalf of the rogue fracking industry. They know fracking is failing within the realms of due process and safe regulation, so they’re changing the rules of the game by taking decisions away from affected communities. Their so-called new regulator will lower standards and simply wave through the construction of key drilling infrastructure. This power grab should outrage any democrat regardless of where they sit on the political spectrum.”

“The democratic process is failing us, so now is the time for direct action. Reclaim the Power will be going all out to stop fracking this June, with two weeks of direct action targeting the fracking supply chain, followed by the biggest blockade Lancashire has ever seen at Cuadrilla’s fracking site at Preston New Road. Reclaim the Power will be there standing alongside local communities resisting fracking until the industry is dead and buried”