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BREAKING: Anti-Frackers put fracking sand suppliers Sibelco on notice and say, ‘We’ll be back.’

CHESHIRE, UK – Anti-fracking network Reclaim the Power [1] today entered Sibelco quarry near Congleton.  They scaled scaffolding at the quarry and held a banner saying, ‘Sibelco, Stop Supplying Oil + Gas Firms’.  Sibelco is the world’s largest producer of hydraulic fracturing sands, through its subsidiary Unimin Energy Solutions in the US, and also currently produces UNIFRAC® Hydraulic Fracturing Sands in four European countries (Belgium, France, Russia and UK). Sibelco supplied Cuadrilla Resources (PDF) with frac sand for its ill-fated Preese Hall‐1 well in from quarries in Cheshire and seems likely to continue to do so.[2]

Sally Farmer who was at the quarry said:

‘Sibelco must come clean as to the scale of its involvement in the oil and gas industry, specifically in the UK. The fact that Sibelco claims to be a company championing sustainability is a scandal on an immense scale when across the globe, every year sees a new record set for fossil fuel usage. Our climate is in crisis and we our in the 6th mass extinction event in the earth’s history. Sibelco should respect both science and the generations that will inherit this planet and ditch its customers in the fossil fuel industry. If Sibelco continues to put profit before people and planet, then action against them as a company will continue into the future.’

If Sibelco were to remove support for the fracking industry, they would not be the first company to do so. In July 2017, Haulage company L&M Transport confirmed they were cutting ties with Cuadrilla after being held up for over 72 hours by a protest on one of their trucks. L&M stated, “If we had know this delivery was for the company Cuadrilla and to be used in the questionable fracking industry we quite simply would not have become involved. We can state that we will never knowingly work for Cuadrilla or any agents involved with Cuadrilla or the fracking industry again.” [3]

Notes to editors:

  1. – Reclaim the Power is a UK based direct action network fighting for social, environmental and economic justice. In particular, Reclaim the Power came to national prominence recently when members of the group, the Frack Free Three, were sent to jail for protesting fracking in Lancashire. National outcry lifted the group to prominence, and the group were soon released. More information here –