EDF Duvet Die-In

Activists from Reclaim the Power and Fuel Poverty Action staged a ‘duvet die-in’ at EDF Energy’s London HQ this morning holding banners stating “Cold Homes Kill” to highlight the fuel poverty crisis. The action was in response to the 24,300 excess winter deaths for 2015/16 announced this autumn, which coincided with the release of the Chancellor’s Autumn statement. Read more

Runway on parliament

Activists blockaded a mock runway outside Parliament to oppose airport expansion and highlight the inequality of catastrophic climate impacts. 40 Activists locked together using ‘arm tubes’ on a mock runway outside Parliament to signal their intent to continue fighting airport expansion. Air traffic controllers with “STOP” paddles lined the runway highlighting the need to stop climate change as well as noise and air pollution. Other campaigners and local residents held a banner reading “Climate Change Kills, No New Runways. Read more

Caution: Melting Ice Ahead

On the first anniversary of the Paris climate talks, Christian Climate Action dropped a large pile of melting ice in the entrance to a government department to express deep concern at the lack of meaningful action by government to tackle dangerous human-induced climate change which is threatening the creation God has called us to care for. They also whitewashed walls outside the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) to a height of six foot to highlight the fact that current ... Read more

Stay Grounded

Two spectacular “Stay Grounded” protests took place at Heathrow, against a possible third runway. Both were organised by Reclaim the Power, which is a grassroots organisation taking action with local communities on environmental, economic and social justice issues. The protests at Heathrow were against aviation expansion, partly due to its carbon emissions and also local air pollution, and to highlight the social injustice of climate change impacts around the world. Hundreds of activists staged a “die-in” flashmob in Heathrow’s Terminal 2, ... Read more

British Museum splashmob

A WAVE of activists joined the theatrical protest group “BP or not BP” at the British Museum yesterday to protest against the renewal of a sponsorship deal with BP. BP’s logo is visibly displayed on all advertisement for the museum’s latest exhibition, Sunken Cities. To fit the marine theme, protesters performed a “splashmob,” dressing up as fish, mermaids and other underwater creatures, including a BP kraken and occupied the museum’s Great Court. Sunday’s action was the latest in a long series of protests by ... Read more

Black Lives Matter

Allies of Black Lives Matter occupied the runway at London City Airport, shutting it down for half a day to protest against the expansion of the airport and the racist consequences of climate change and other environmental destruction. As BLM UK points out, “when black people in Britain are 28% more likely to be exposed to air pollution than their white counterparts, we know that environmental inequality is a racist crisis.” See the blog here and check BLM's twitter Read more

Grand opening of Just Transition UK

We invaded the Aberdeen headquarters of lobby group Oil and Gas UK to turn it into 'Just Transition UK'. About 70 people took part with 7 people inside the office for a number of hours. Photos and updates: Video: Report: Read more

Protesters block British Museum exhibition

"We want to see museums adopting genuine ethical sponsorship guidelines that would prevent them from giving false legitimacy to destructive companies like BP and Thales..." Check out this coverage of our mermaid-themed protest at the British Museum coinciding with London Campaign Against Arms Trade's action at the London Transport Museum...…/ Read more

“Responsible” Extractives Summit

This Oxymoron Appreciation Society re-branded the so-called 'Responsible Extractives Summit' in Central London, which featured keynotes from Rio Tinto, Anglo American and Barrick Gold. Outside the venue, we shared stories from friends and partners living with the daily consequences of these companies' actions. What does it say about the mining sector, if these are the most responsible companies it can boast? Find out more about the ugly truths behind the Summit at: >>> Read more


Today I went to the RSC Theatre in Stratford-Upon-Avon and sat outside with a protest sign, handed out information, and talked to people about BP sponsorship of the RSC. During the interval of Hamlet I entered the foyer and gave a *modified speech from the play ('Bp or not BP...') highlighting the BP sponsorship issue and urging people to let the RSC know how they feel. I was outside the RSC from approx 5.45 --- 9.45. I believe it is important to ... Read more
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