Reclaim the Power is taking direct action this summer against both the gas infrastructure fuelling the climate crisis, and the UK’s Hostile Environment for migrants. Alongside two days of mass direct action there will be demonstrations accessible to those who need to avoid arrest, and a whole programme of informative and inspiring talks and trainings.

We respect that movements are diverse and we choose to adopt different tactics in different circumstances. When taking part in actions as part of Power Beyond Borders, it is important to remember that some attendees will may have precarious immigration statuses which place them at greater risk when taking action.
This action consensus has been drawn up to ensure everyone can feel safe participating:

  • When taking action as part of Reclaim the Power, we will not commit violence against any person.
  • We intend our actions to be in solidarity with frontline communities affected by both new gas infrastructure and the Hostile Environment, and will respect the expertise provided by lived experience.
  • We understand that workers at any company or organisation we target rely on their jobs to provide for themselves and their families. We will approach them with dignity and respect, and we will not escalate to violence.
  • We choose not to engage with the police, including police liaison officers sent to gather information, and will not invite members of the police force into the camp.
  • Journalists will be welcome on site in a professional capacity by prior invitation only.
  • No photography may take place inside the camp. There will be designated photographers on site and consent will be sought before photos are taken of any person. 
  • We will respect the legal parameters of each action, value all contributions, and avoid glorifying arrest.
  • If someone acts in a manner outside of this action consensus, they will be asked to discuss it with the mediation team. 

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