Anti-nuclear campaigners outside EDF’s Cannington offices in protest at the planned Hinkley C development.

A NUMBER of anti-nuclear campaigners protested outside EDF’s Cannington offices yesterday morning (February 15) against the proposed Hinkley C nuclear power plant in Somerset.

They scaled the outside walls with ladders at around 11am, security closed the doors and put the whole place in lockdown.

The protesters blocked the front doors with around 30 taking part inside and outside of the walls to the building.

The police attended but the protest was peaceful and allowed to continue and the campaigners left a short while later.

One of the campaigners Shana Deal said: “We have heard today that EDF are once again going to pull back from committing to Hinkley C, and it looks as if they are in turmoil.

“They need to understand that opposition to Hinkley C has grown in Britain. We do not want any more public money – whether from French or British citizens – poured into this bottomless nuclear pit. We will keep coming back until it’s cancelled once and for all.”

The protest is part of the Groundswell year of action for climate justice. It also coincided with other action happening at EDF premises in Manchester, Plymouth and London.