An all-day game of football at the gate of the Cuadrilla drilling site in Balcombe

Where: Balcombe Cuadrilla drilling site*

When: Kick-Off 9am , Wednesday September 11th

Who: YOU and your hot-footed friends

What: The beautiful game – bring balls of any size and your favourite team colours. Solidarity colours for Balcombe anti-fracking campaigners are Yellow and Black…

So far it’s been protesters 1 Cuadrilla 1 – we’ve drawn with the nasty fracking company by stopping them for six days, slowing down their operations and forcing them to suspend the renewal of their drilling application.

However, Cuadrilla are still drilling and intend to spread their rigs around the country.

As part of the 28 Days Later rolling blockade, we will play the beautiful game in beautiful Balcombe against Cuadrilla’s ugly games of profits over people and planet.

Can we make it Game Over? Can we show Cuadrilla and all fracking companies the Red Card? Send them off our pitches for fouling our water and communities?

Yes we can!

Another world is possible, fracking is stoppable.

Our goal is a new energy system – Join us…

Follow us at @28_dayslater or @nodashforgas for updates

* Trains from London take just 39mins from London Bridge. Balcombe is between Haywards Heath and Three Bridges Stations. Site is a 10min walk from the station