Global Frackdown: Get the Frackers Local Bank!

Global Frackdown: take it to an HSBC near you!
frack off hsbc
On 11th October as part of the ‘Global Frackdown’ communities around the world will be standing together against fracking. From Australia to the United States, this environmentally destructive industry leaves a legacy of water contamination, air pollution and health problems.  It’s also a dirty fossil fuel that contributes to the climate crisis.
Fracking wouldn’t be possible without the money and support of the banks. HSBC – the frackers local bank – not only provides banking services for Cuadrilla, but funds fracking around the world. In Algeria, they are helping bring this water intensive process to the Sahara.  In the US, they are underwriting the BG Group who are responsible for fracking in large parts of the country.
On 11th October, in solidarity with fracking struggles around the world, we’ll be bringing the reality of fracking to the “world’s local bank” and insisting they stop supporting this destructive industry.
Up and down the country we’ll be turning local HSBC branches into fracking sites to see just how much they like it! Bring your hard hats, hi-vis, dissenting local voices: whatever it takes to show HSBC the supporting frackers is not acceptable. If we are serious about a safe future, we have to stop fracking. See you on the streets.
Visit our How to Guide for more details about how to plan an action, and register your event at
In London we’ll be meeting at 11am at Golden Square, off Regents St, with speakers from front-line communities and our own HSBC-funded drilling rig. Be sure to visit the London Action page for more details.
11 October is also a global day of action around TTIP, a new trade agreement between the US and the EU that would help companies force fracking on unsuspecting communities.  You can find out more information about TTIP here. Also look out for a noTTIP action near you.