Today hundreds of people from across the country will arrive in York to protest plans to allow Third Energy to frack there, following the recent decision by North Yorkshire County Council to approve fracking at Kirby Misperton, despite the huge environmental impact and massive community opposition. The Council received 4,375 letters opposing the application and 36 letters of support. There is no democratic basis for this decision.

One of the people supporting the demonstration is Lancashire Nana Tina Louise Rothery, who is a well loved and effective community campaigner. Fracking firm Cuadrilla (who were refused permission to frack in Lancashire in 2015) started civil legal proceedings against Tina nearly 2 years ago and Tina is still waiting to hear whether Cuadrilla will pursue her for £55,000 in costs. Reclaim the Power supports Tina and all community defenders. Without community defenders willing to take risks we would not have seen off fracking in this country since 2011.

This is Tina talking about the decision by North Yorkshire County Council and her own court case on the Keiser Report, in June 2016