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An open invitation to a day of creative visioning for radical social change.

Location: MERCI, Manchester
Time: Saturday 14th December, 11:30am – 8pm

Address: 22a Beswick Street, Manchester, Lancashire, M4 7HR
Crash Space/Social: Provided. Further details TBC.
Meals: Provided, donation cost TBC

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This summer, hundreds of people converged at the Reclaim the Power camp in Balcombe. In our hundreds, we learnt, shared, listened, showed solidarity – and took powerful, effective direct action.

But that was just the start…

Now we’ve had a few months to take a step back, it’s time to think about what potential this organising network has to achieve radical social change in the future.

So, everyone, no matter how new or experienced, is invited to take part in a day where we all share our visions and ideas for the future. Whether that’s the future of our energy infrastructure, the diversity of our movement or our battle against austerity… Nothing is off the table.

Together, we achieved some incredible things over summer – and we will achieve more. What that looks like is up to all of us.

More information coming soon (but book your travel tickets now!)