In December 2015, corporate power will play a high-risk gamble with the UN climate talks. Fossil fuel lobbyists and the peddlers of false solutions are already conspiring to overwhelm the COP21 summit in Paris. But it won’t be business-as-usual this time: the global Blockadia movements will converge to obstruct their corrosive activities, intercept their influence, and chase them out of politics.

Join us for this open event to get clued up about the international mobilisation to Paris. All welcome, no prior knowledge or involvement required.

Provisional sessions include:

1. What is the COP21 and why are we mobilising for it? How can we use the moment to build our movements at home and what are the pitfalls? Discussion.

2. Training for action – what creative forms of action can we take to Paris? What are the ‘Climate Games’ and how can I get involved? (

3. Transport and accommodation plans in Paris. Info-share.

4. Mobilising in our communities. Planning workshop.

5. The road through Paris – what are our plans for 2016? Discussion.

Timings and session order to be confirmed soon.

On SUNDAY 4 OCTOBER, there will be a demonstration against the Tory Party conference in Manchester. So let’s make a weekend of it! Accommodation will be provided on Saturday night for those wishing to stay for the demo on Sunday.

Anti-fracking and Million Climate Jobs bloc here:

At MERCI,Bridge 5 Mill, 22a Beswick St, Manchester M4 7HR

Saturday 3 October, 1-7pm