The fight against fracking is intensifying.

Join us this June for Block Around the Clock

Wednesday 27 June to Sunday 1 July

The FULL programme is now available HERE. Enjoy! 

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Grab your friends, your dancing shoes and a helping of defiance and **ROCK ON DOWN** to Preston New Road, Lancashire this summer for a people-powered ‘Block Around the Clock’!

Time and again, local communities have shown the fossil fuel industry it has no social licence to frack in the UK. But Westminster won’t listen and, the government are continuing their plan to force this dirty drilling on communities. Over the next three months, Lancashire anti-fracking groups are organising a United Resistance of Love and Defiance to counter Cuadrilla’s dangerous fracking plans at Preston New Road. In June Reclaim the Power is joining the resistance once more and going all out to stop fracking.

For 48 hours we’ll be holding the frontline against fracking. In our hundreds and thousands, we’ll be Preventing work from happening with our presence and sending a clear message to the frackers they are not welcome – not here, not anywhere. We’re bringing our bodies, our love and our creativity back to Preston New Road this summer. To make it happen we’ll need everyone’s talents, skills, energy and resolve.

We’re calling on everyone who opposes fracking in the UK to join us at our camp and Block Around the Clock mass action (Facebook event) – as we say NO to extreme energy. Not in Lancashire. Not anywhere.

We need a clean fair future powered by renewables.

Everyone is welcome, especially if you’ve never been involved in anything like this before. Our camp will provide food, friends to be made and a whole programme of trainings, workshops, talks and events to get informed, engaged and skilled up to take on the fossil fuel industry. In short, everything you need to be part of stopping fracking and enjoy yourself at the same time! We’d love you to come camp with us, but if you can’t do drop by for a day visit.

The final showdown of the United Resistance and an epic 3 months of action, it’s time to get up, get down, and show Cuadrilla what we’re about. Let’s Block. Around. The Clock.

BUILD THE MOVEMENT FOR CLIMATE JUSTICE! Spread the word and invite your friends or share our facebook event for Block Around the Clock. If you would like to get more people involved, we can support you to put on a screening of Power Trip, the awesome new documentary about the people powered resistance to fracking in the UK. Send us an email at to get started.

The fracking industry is on the ropes.

Cuadrilla is now a full year behind schedule. Bring your friends, family, lovers and pets and let’s show them once more that we won’t rest until the industry is dead and buried.

Read on for the most up-to-the minute details…


Cuadrilla are ready to frack. Join the United Resistance.

You may have heard about three major developments in the fight against fracking.

  1. Cuadrilla have applied for final consent to frack at Preston New Road, Lancashire.
  2. The Conservative government are proposing to take planning consent out of local council’s hands so that shale gas exploration will be considered a ‘permitted development‘.  
  3. Cuadrilla have resorted to desperate legal measures in an attempt to rob us of our right to peaceful protest.

Reclaim the Power (RTP) will continue to stand in solidarity with the Lancashire community and take action to prevent fracking from starting. When politicians lay down the red carpet for fracking companies, we all need to step up.

From 27th June to 1st July 2018 at Preston New Road, RTP will be holding Block Around the Clock – the most swinging mass action camp Cuadrilla has ever seen. We are urging everyone who is concerned about climate justice and local democracy to join this defiant action.  

The more of us that show up, the stronger we will be.

You are encouraged to arrive by the evening of Wednesday 27th June to get briefed – check out the transport options here. The people-powered action will begin on Thursday 28th June, and will culminate with the United Resistance Promenade Parade along the iconic Blackpool seafront on Saturday afternoon (30th June). Supporting this action for even a few hours will still make all the difference, we need everyone.   

There are no restrictions on anyone attending camp or participating in the eclectic program of workshops, but if you have concerns, there will be a crack team delivering ace legal briefings to make sure we all know our rights.

RTP looks forward to welcoming folk from all across the UK to camp and showing solidarity with the inspiring locals who have kept this reckless industry at bay for 7 years. By coming together for this mass action camp, we will demonstrate our powerful collective resistance to Cuadrilla’s and the Government’s fracking plans. Until we win.


We encourage folk to arrive at Maple Farm, Preston New Road, PR4 3PE as early as possible on Wednesday 27th June to allow plenty of time for getting settled into camp life, nourished and participating in the action and legal briefings that will be occurring throughout the day.

For those wishing to arrive earlier, camp will be in full swing from Tuesday 26th June serving x3 gorgeously prepared vegan meals per day!     

If you can’t get up to this beautiful Mass Action Camp for either Tuesday 26th or Wednesday 27th, you are still needed to support the Block around the Clock on Thursday 28th and Friday 29th June – we will certainly be needing reinforcements as the action proceeds.

The people-powered action will begin on Thursday 28th June, and will culminate with the United Resistance Promenade Parade along the iconic Blackpool seafront on the afternoon of Saturday 30th June. We hear there might be a party on Saturday night at Maple Farm 😉

We are asking folk to stick around on the morning of Sunday 1st July to help pack away camp. This is an important gesture to the brilliant people who have worked so hard to make the camp a reality. Many hands make light work.

Everyone will depart on the afternoon of Sunday 1st July.

Supporting this Mass Action Camp for even a few hours will still make all the difference, we need everyone. So don’t worry if you can only give up a small amount of time in order to participate.


How to get to Block around the Clock:

Group Travel

Everything you need to know is included in the Transport Guide and below we summarise the group travel options available from all across the UK. Email if you need any help with organising transport.


Carpooling being organised by members of the local TUC for a day trip to Block around the Clock on Thursday 28th June, please email or call Kev on 07752 213 514 to book a spot and for further details.


1) Minibus departing on Sunday 25th and returning on Sunday 1st July.

2) Minibus departing on Wednesday 27th and returning on Saturday 30th June.

Cost tbc, but likely to be a sliding scale of £10-30. No one will be refused for lack of funds.  

To book a spot on either bus, please email


1) 9-seater car departing on Tuesday 26th and returning for the evening of Sunday 1st July (details tbc).

2) Minibus departing at 11am, Wednesday 27th from Shepherds Bush Green and returning for the evening of Sunday 1st July.

£30 all in, £15 deposit required, to book your space email with the subject ‘London BatC Minibus’remainder to be paid via cash or bank transfer on the day but no one will be refused for lack of funds.


Manchester to Preston New Road bike ride on Tuesday 26th June – full details here.


Depart at 7am on Weds 27th June from East Oxford, returning for ~7pm on Saturday 30th June.

£30 all in, £15 deposit required, to book your space email with the subject ‘Oxford Minibus’, remainder to be paid via cash or bank transfer on the day but no one will be refused for lack of funds.  

Public Transport


The nearest train station is Kirkham/Wesham. If you bring your bike, it’s a 15 minute cycle from train station to Maple Farm or you can jump on the local 61 bus.  


This is a super mega cheap coach company, and gets you Preston or Blackpool, then pop on a local bus. Some seats are as low as as around £10 per journey. Link:


Look for the Number 61 Bus which takes you to Maple Farm Community Hub (take the bus in the direction of Blackpool or Preston depending on which location your coming from). Costs £3.60 one way, £4 all day pass.


Please head to the Maple Farm courtyard, there is limited parking but check-in at the Welcome Area and you will be guided to the best place to park up. Please do not use Lytham Windows customer parking, and dont pull up outside the fracking pad site.


Maple Farm, Preston New Road, Lancashire

Update from November 2017.   The battle for a clean energy future stepped up a gear in 2017, as the fracking industry pushes ahead with operations across the country – but met with strong resistance.

In Lancashire, Cuadrilla are now drilling despite being several months behind schedule following direct action blockades throughout the year – including the ‘Rolling Resistance’ month of action in July.  Campaigners and grandparents have blocked roads leading to Third Energy’s site in Kirby Misberton in North Yorkshire – who hope to test frack very soon.  Drilling has begun at Broadford Bridge (Bliingshurst, West Sussex) whilst chemicals-giant Ineos are conducting seismic surveys in the East Midlands.

And yet public opposition and organised resistance to fracking is also reaching new heights. Protection camps and local community groups are active and resisting on a daily basis across England.  The Scottish government recently renewed its moratorium on fracking indefinitely.  With the majority of trade unions against fracking, the Labour Party promising a ban in their manifesto and public support for fracking at an all time low of 19% – the industry is looking shakier than ever.

This is a battle we can win. As the legal appeals go on and the Conservative government over ride local democracy by pushing through fracking applications, regular direct action will be needed to stop the drillers, deter fossil fuel investors and create political space for publicly-owned renewable energy alternatives.

The Rolling Resistance in July 2017

Throughout July, hundreds of people from across the country joined the frontline resistance to fracking at Preston New Road in Lancashire. Every working day, affinity groups blockaded the gates to Cuadrilla’s frack pad with their bodies, climbed on top of the fracking trucks carrying equipment or took action along other parts of the supply chain.  Mass demonstrations on Fridays saw around 200 people attend the gates each week including faith groups, trade unions, farmers, foodgrowers, families and more. Together with local communities, we delayed Cuadrilla’s operations and sent a message to investors that this industry has no social licence to operate. Reclaim the Power are supporting affinity groups through the legal process: around 100 people face charges for taking action.

Best Of: Rolling Resistance

The situation at Preston New Road

Despite the setbacks, Cuadrilla are desperately pressing ahead with their fracking plans and help is needed to support the ongoing resistance. Local groups are still maintaining the Community Info Hub at Maple Farm and sleeping accommodation and food is available at the Camp of New Hope. If you can get down to Preston New Road – then do so. Travel and accomodation details are here.  

The situation at Kirby Misperton, North Yorkshire

Despite all the legal and democratic hurdles put up by the local and regional community, Third Energy were finally expected to begin a short test frack next to the small village of Kirby Misperton in the Winter of 2017/2018. After a sustained campaign of direct action by brave locals and their supporters from far and wide, causing countless logistical difficulties for Thirds Energy, the company ran into tens of millions of pounds of debt, gave up and removed all the fracking equipment in March 2018. Direct action gets the goods! More details on the Kirby Misperton Facebook group.


Some video highlights from the month of action in July 2017

Above: Monday 3rd July – 13 person lock on led by local Lancashire resident

Above: BBC coverage of the Community Info Hub at Preston New Road

Above: Mass demo: Farmers Against Fracking – Friday 21st July 2017

Above: Carnival for a Frack Free Future – Friday 28 July 2017

Above: Rolling Resistance Final Day – Monday 31st July 2017