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Jig at the Rig! Anti-fracking Mass Dance Off at Preston New Rd, Friday 16th March

Calling all fighters of fracking and climate champions!Swing into spring and warm up for an exciting summer of action with a massive dance off at the gates of the Preston New Road fracking site. On Friday 16th March Reclaim the Power will be dropping a live Ceilidh of resistance in the tracks of Lancashire’s drilling trucks and mixing it up with the legendary tunes of Pete the Temp, local poetry, a pub quiz and hot food from the community kitchen.Download high-res ... Read more


Wallies, truck surfers and a strident one-woman blockade: the last week of Reclaim the Power’s Rolling Resistance lived up to the (very high!) standards set by a fantastic range of creative actions that ordinary people working together had managed to pull off throughout July. But with the fracking industry feeling the pinch on their purses, and security at the site continuing to escalate to violence, it was another rollercoaster week for our emotions.Monday: What? Where?The week got off to a comic start, ... Read more

Release: “We’re not guillty.” Lancashire anti-fracking councillors, residents and families in court plea

For immediate release: 8th August 2017A total of 17 ‘Not Guilty’ Pleas entered on first day of court hearings following ‘Rolling Resistance’ month of action in July. Contact: / 07979817888. Photos available via Flickr. Photos of defendants in court available. On Monday 7th August, eighteen people including councillors, local residents and three generations of the same Lancashire family attended preliminary court hearings at Blackpool Magistrates’ Court, following their peaceful direct actions against fracking in Lancashire last month. Many having taken ... Read more


Dozens dressed as ‘Wally’ act as decoy at Preston New Road fracking site gates while four lock into arm tubes.  Lancashire, UK — Today four people blocked the entrance to the Cuadrilla fracking site at Preston New Road, halting work at the site.  They were joined by a crowd of people dressed as “Wally” and were cheered on by political folk rock band, Seize the Day. This is the 16th consecutive working day that the site has been disrupted, as part of a month-long ‘Rolling ... Read more

Rolling Resistance Weekly Round-up: Week 3

Another week of the Rolling Resistance, another week of bold, creative actions against the fracking industry at Preston New Road. This week has demonstrated the incredible diversity of the movement: farmers to feminists, cyclists to songwriters. The resistance to the fossil fuel industry is broad and strong, not just in Lancashire, but across the UK and beyond.Oh and another thing: a Cuadrilla security guard and Sky News reporter, both found themselves in arm tubes (?!) With one week left, I think we're ... Read more

Release: Five Leeds Women block fracking site over climate and water concerns

This morning (Wednesday 19th July 2017) five campaigners blocked the entrance to Cuadrilla’s fracking site on Preston New Road in Lancashire to protest the impact of climate change.The five women are locked on to devices across the front entrance of the site to disrupt work for the day in order to call for an end to fossil fuel extraction and a development in renewables.Contact:   and 07498908993Photos available on Reclaim the Power Flickr Skye Golding, one of the women locked on said:“We’re ... Read more

Rolling Resistance Weekly Round-up: Week 2

Aaaand we’re two weeks down! After an epic first week of the Rolling Resistance to stop fracking in Lancashire, we’ve had another 5 days of amazing actions which have kept up the pressure!  People from all over the country, of all ages and walks of life kept coming to join the tireless local activists and the long standing camps in saying NO to this toxic industry!Monday 10th July 2017It was an intimidating start to the week: we heard over the weekend ... Read more

RELEASE: Protesters blockade fracking site over fears it could pose nuclear risk

Anti-nuclear protesters lock themselves to car to prevent access to Preston New Road fracking site.For immediate release: Wednesday 5th July 2017Six campaigners from the southwest have travelled up to Lancashire and blockaded the Preston New Road fracking site, in protest at plans to frack just 5 miles away from Springfields nuclear fuel production plant.  For interviews and images, contact 07404016676 or email locked themselves to a car and other heavy objects at 03:00, preventing any vehicles from accessing the site, where the ... Read more

CALL-OUT: Don’t Frack Lancashire – National Rally 25th Feb

In 2014 Reclaim the Power made a pledge to the anti-fracking Nanas of Lancashire- that if they were threatened with fracking at Preston New Road we would support them in their struggle. The time has now come for us to begin fulfilling that promise.Sadly at the beginning of the year fracking dragons Cuadrilla started preparation work on what they hope will be their first fracking site in the UK (at Preston New Road), since we battled them at Balcombe back in ... Read more

Stop frackers Cuadrilla persecuting land defenders through the legal system #BankruptCuadrilla !

Every campaigner against fracking, every land defender, every health campaigner, every climate activist, everyone with an interest in breathing clean air and drinking clean water should know what is happening to Tina Louise Rothery.  Tina is one of the Lancashire ‘Nanas’ - a group of mothers and grandmothers who organise against fracking for the sake of their children’s health and wellbeing. Tina is right now being persecuted through the legal system by a notorious fracking company, Cuadrilla, for having stood up to ... Read more
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